How do you take payments?

We accept Credit Cards or Bitcoin for payment.

What will show on my credit card statement when I order?

Please Contact Us for that information.  Due to client privacy reasons this is not disclosed.

What does order status “On Hold” mean?

It means we are processing your order. If all details are correct, you should expect a charge on your CC within the next 4-18 hours.


Where we ship?

USA, Canada

Where we DO NOT ship?

All other countries we do not ship to.

How long does shipping take?

Please check our SHIPPING page.

My package was damaged in transit, what do I do?

Please take a picture of the damaged package and email us at:


Package shipping information: How is the package shipped? Does it come in a discreet package? Does it have mention of esarms.com on the label at all?

We ship in discreet package, no mention of website, plain envelope.  Very safe.

Do you provide MSDS or any other documents?

We don’t provide any documents with your order, just your order.  It’s private data.


How much is 1ml?

80% of full dropper = 1 ML


I am buying, Buy 2 Get 1 free? Can I substitute ___?

Sorry guys, no substitutions.

What’s in your formula can you tell me?

Sorry guys, our formula is proprietary, we cannot share it.

How many daily doses are in the 30ml bottle of cardarine? Basically, how long does 1 bottle last?

There are 30 x 20mg dosages in 1 bottle of each product. (not just cardarine)

So 30 days would be @ 20mgs per day.

Are your bottles plastic wrapped?

No, our bottles have no plastic wrapping.  If we wrap the bottles, there is a risk of mold build up.  They have to air out.

I got Ostazol instead of M1MK?

Ostazol is the same as M1MK. M1MK and Ostazol have the same ingredients. M1MK was renamed ostazol.

Can I inject SARMS?

NEVER, we repeat never inject sarms. Very dangerous to do so!